Now Showing

I love the smell of posters in the morning

Now Showing is a collaboration between Front Page and The Cameo cinema, bringing the magic of movie posters to life with a blockbuster competition for movie and art fans alike.

To celebrate the release of Nicholas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon, Picturehouse Culture Shock is screening an exclusive season of cult horror films during the Edinburgh festival, all chosen by the man himself.

Your mission was to design a movie poster showcasing the haunting and seductive qualities synonymous with the genre.

The cast

You could choose from some of the most chilling and mesmerising movies ever to grace the silver screen.

Go ahead, make my day

Six winning artists had their creations displayed in The Cameo for all the world to see, starting with a gala awards ceremony at the final screening of Suspiria on Monday 22 August. The rules were simple:

The stuff that dreams are made of

As well as the kudos of winning and having your work shown at The Cameo, the winners also received one of these super-cool prizes...

The judges


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